Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Addlestone's Renovations Provide Boundless Opportunities

Interior of the Addlestone Library

Progress- it’s what allows us to move forward as a society. Education is certainly no exemption to this idea, requiring establishments of learning to constantly update their curriculum, methods of teaching, and facilities. To keep up with the standard, College of Charleston made significant renovations to the Nathan and Marlene Addlestone Library over this past summer, providing great new opportunities for student achievement.

Beginning in March, the renovations lasted until the start of fall semester. One of these improvements was the addition of over 200 seats to allow for more students to use the library at once. This is especially beneficial for high traffic times such as finals week, when finding a place to sit in the library is as hard to find as a parking spot downtown. Along with this, many new power outlets and ethernet ports were placed throughout the facility so that students never have to worry about going off the grid.

The "Flex Room"
Three new study rooms were added as well, along with the new “flex room.” This room is located on the third floor (room 360) and provides a wide range of uses for students and faculty. It holds 50 seats and can be used for classes, lectures, group projects, and as a study space.

Another big change was the movement of the book collection to the second floor. Students looking for a book should direct their search to this area, where the material is neatly compacted onto the moving book shelves. Maps are located throughout the library to help in finding the location of a book.

Maybe the most obvious change is the instillation of the new Starbucks, in place of the Java City on the first floor. Now students are able to get their favorite Starbucks beverages without having to leave the library, with the option to pay with dining dollars or even their own Starbucks card. The only trade off with this change is that the prices at Starbucks will be more expensive than they were at Java City.

Boxes of books took up the entire center of the first floor
during renovations
While the renovations made are a definite improvement and add to the list of great resources offered,there are still areas in which Addlestone is lacking. The most notorious might be the nearly ten-year-old computers located on the first floor. These outdated machines are known for their infuriating slowness and proneness to crashing. “The library needs to invest in new computers,” said CofC Junior Lauren Holton. “The current ones are
very out of date and have the speed to match that. I’ve been late to classes before because it takes 30 minutes just to print out one document.”

However, there is good news for frustrated students! Brandon Lewter, who served on the committee responsible for the library renovations, hints at some possible improvements. “There will be upgrades to the computers in the lab in the very foreseeable future, that’s all I can say,” Lewter said.

Students currently do classwork on computers that
date back to 2005
The College of Charleston is always open to listening to recommendations for improvement. Students who have concerns should contact the person or office in charge of the part of the college of which the concern is held. For library recommendations, Lewter advises that you contact either James Williams or Claire Fund.

The new renovations to the Addlestone Library have great implementations for education. Even more additions will be arriving in the next few months. The S.C. Historical Society will begin to
move its collection into the facilities starting in January 2015, adding its repertoire of rare materials to the library’s vast assortment of resources (speaking of history, check out what the CofC libraries have looked like in the past).

So whether you are a student, faculty, associate, or member of the public, the library provides an amazing educational resource for all. Remember, no one is ever too old to learn, and what a better place to do so than the Addlestone Library!

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