Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Q&A with Brandon Lewter on Addlestone Renovations

Brandon Lewter, CofC Interlibrary Loan Coordinator

Now that the Addlestone Library renovations have been mostly completed, it is easy to observe the hard work that went into the process. Who do we have to thank for all the new upgrades? Meet Brandon Lewter, a library faculty member who played a key role in the library renovations. Lewter, a coordinator for CofC’s Interlibrary Loan, served on the committee responsible for making decisions concerning the changes that were made to the library over the summer. I had the chance to speak with Lewter about how the whole process worked.

Q: What was the official name of the renovation committee?
A: Oh you started with a hard one. The name changed a few times. It was called The Addlestone Improvement Communications Committee, I believe.

Q: What was your role on it and what were your key responsibilities?
A: I worked on some of the new signage we are putting up, as well as the new floor plans, the designs, and getting input from other faculty about room numbers, what should be labeled. I was part of the discussion of how the stacks are arranged.

Q: How often did the committee meet?
A: We would meet usually once or twice a month. The meetings started a few months before the renovations started, in July.

Q: When did the process for making the renovations start? Including planning?
A: The process for the renovations started years ago. They first introduced the possibility of library renovations the summer before; that was before they got funding for it.

Q: Which changes are you most proud of and which changes benefit the library and students best in your opinion?
A: The extra study space, more seating. The flex room is definitely a cool space. That’s room 360. The implementation of power and ethernet ports on the tables.

Q: Are there any plans for future changes or renovations?
A: The S.C. Historical Society is going to start moving in their collection in December.

Q: Will Addlestone update its lab computers in the foreseeable future? When?
A: Yes, the very foreseeable future. That's all I can say.

Q: If students wanted to suggest changes be made to the library, or anything else at CofC, which would be the best office or person to contact?
A: I would contact either James Williams or Claire Fund.

One only has to walk into the Addlestone library to witness how much care and enthusiasm went into the new renovations. With this in mind, the college community can only look forward to the best; especially with Lewter’s hint at the lab computer upgrades. We are very fortunate here at CofC to have a diligent worker such as Lewter leading the way to improving one of our most valued educational facilities.

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